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View Frederic Mouchet’s best press photographs through photo reports.

On the Photo Reports page, discover the photographer’s press reports relating to China, islands across the world, and other parts of the world.

Main stories

- Maori, time of the reconquest (New Zealand)

- The Australia of the French explorers (Australia)

- Samoa, the last port of call (Samoa)

- Long life in Okinawa (Japan)

- Christians of Syria (Syria)

- Shangri-La, the lost paradise (China)

- Vigan, a crossroad city (Philippines)

- Contemporary painting, the great leap forward (China)

- Kunming, travelling to ethno-China (China)

- Great prayer in Labrang (China)

- Hong Kong, rendezvous with destiny (China)

- Putuo Shan, Guanyin’s sanctuary (China)

- Hot springs in the snow (Japan)

- Kakku, Pa-O's sacred site (Shan State, Burma)

- The road of faith (China)

- Champassak (Laos)

- Cape Verde, the musical islands (Cape Verde)

- Montanta Pow wows (USA)

- Missions of the Guaranis (Argentina)

- Valley of the Moon (Argentina)

- Koyasan, meditation on the peak (Japan)

- In Che Guevara's footsteps (Cuba)

- Indian carnival in Humahuaca (Argentina)

- Sado, the island of drums (Japan)

- The resurgence of Dubrovnik (Croatia)

- Gardens in Cornwall (UK)

- On Chindwin river’s flow (Burma)

- Cowboys of Montana (USA)

- Mexcaltitan, the star of the mangrove (Mexico)

- Banjarmasin, the Venice of the East (Borneo, Indonesia)

- The Inside Passage (Canada-Alaska)

- The sacred path of Peyoteros (Mexico)

- The Twin Zar’s island (Rhakine, Burma)

- Crossing the Golden Island (Sumatra, Indonesia)

- Darjeeling, Top of the Tea (India)

- Jinetes (Dominican Republic)

- Bahoruco Peninsula (Dominican Republic)

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