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Frederic Mouchet’s image bank.

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photo no.322 : Plants on mountain ridge around Mount Marau, Tahiti Nui. Tahiti Island/Society Islands/French Polynesia/

photo no.405 : Huangshan (Yellow Mountains) landscape. Anhui Province/China/

photo no.346 : Coming soon

photo no.381 : Coming soon

photo no.499 : Moment of daydream for a Tibetan nomad who came on pilgrimage to Labrang monastry. Xiahe/Gansu Province/China/

photo no.410 : Landscape near Tunxi town. Anhui Province/China/

photo no.530 : Monk walking past a temple at the entrance of Okuno-in. Koya-san/Honshu Island/Japan/

photo no.461 : Kariyushi weaver in a workshop near Yaese. Okinawa Island/Japan/

photo no.138 : Lit up Hong Kong city seen from Victoria Peak. Hong Kong/China/

photo no.112 : Workers in Aberdeen fish market load trucks with goods boxes. Hong Kong/China/

photo no.429 : Calligraphy Professor Wang Jian, director of Guangzhou Fine Arts Academy’s Museum, oversees one of his pupils’ work. Guangzhou/China/

photo no.250 : People throw confetti at the end of a religious meeting on Putuo Shan Buddhist island. Zhejiang Province/China/

photo no.440 : Vegetables (including goya, Okinawa bitter gourd) on a stall of Makishi market in Naha. Okinawa Island/Japan/

photo no.229 : Bags of pilgrim tourists arriving at Putuo Shan sacred island for the annual celebration of Guanyin’s Nirvana. Zhejiang Province/China/

photo no.545 : Student monk of Senshu-Gakuin meditating. Koya-san/Honshu Island/Japan/

photo no.368 : Coming soon

photo no.465 : Traditional bull fight in a ring of Nakijin village. Okinawa Island/Japan/

photo no.442 : Young girl observes a harisenbon (porcupine fish of the family of fugu/globefish) hanging above a stall of Makishi market in Naha. Okinawa Island/Japan/

photo no.292 : A pilgrim has close look at an object in a shop selling religious articles, Putuo Shan Buddhist island. Zhejiang Province/China/

photo no.535 : Pagoda in snow. Koya-san/Honshu Island/Japan/

photo no.560 : Coming soon.

photo no.391 : Pitiahe Motu on the horizon. Maupiti Island/Society Islands/French Polynesia/

photo no.211 : View of White Island volcano. North Island/New Zealand/

photo no.89 : Hong Kong bay seen from 'Aqua' bar in Tsim Sha Tsui. Hong Kong/China/

photo no.183 : Portrait of a Maori activist participating in Waitangi Day annual commemorations on Waitangi Treaty Grounds. Bay of Islands/North Island/New Zealand/

photo no.59 : Street turmoil at the crossrads of Des Voeux Road, Pedder Street and Chater Road. Hong Kong/China/

photo no.312 : Monks’ shoes lined up on a rock overhanging a small temple of Putuo Shan sacred island. Zhejiang Province/China/

photo no.39 : Communication reduced to its bare minimum between two sellers in a Mid-Levels fish stall. Hong Kong/China/

photo no.408 : Small pine trees clinging to the rock in the Huangshan (Yellow Mountains) Range. Anhui Province/China/

photo no.273 : Buddhist monk in the midst shrouding Putuo Shan sacred island’s peak. Zhejiang Province/China/

photo no.104 : An airline company's advert communicates on well-being, peace and tranquility on board. Hong Kong/China/

photo no.479 : Garden of Uezuke house in Kume-jima dating from 1750 (oldest dwelling in Okinawa Archipelago). Kume Island/Okinawa Archipelago/Japan/

photo no.433 : Portrait of Setsuko Nishime (97 years old), the eldest citizen in Kudaka sacred island. Kudaka Island/Okinawa Archipelago/Japan/

photo no.319 : Vault of a tree on a footpath of the Taravao Plateau in the center of Tahiti Iti (Taiarapu Peninsula). Tahiti Island/Society Islands/French Polynesia/

photo no.275 : A group of soldiers based in Putuo Shan Buddhist island rehearse dragon dance before a performance. Zhejiang Province/China/

photo no.551 : Graves inside the big necropolis. Koya-san/Honshu Island/Japan/

photo no.327 : Clouds hung to a mountain crest around Mount Marau on Tahiti Nui. Tahiti Island/Society Islands/French Polynesia/

photo no.176 : Colourful land near Hokianga-Nui-A-Kupe (where the first Polynesians landed in New Zealand). Northland/North Island/New Zealand/

photo no.295 : Group of pilgrim monks preparing to leave Putuo Shan Buddhist island after the celebration of Guanyin’s Nirvana. Zhejiang Province/China/

photo no.197 : A Maori child admires Tane Mahuta (the biggest Kauri tree in New Zealand) in the heart of Waipoua Forest. Northland/North Island/New Zealand/

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