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Frederic Mouchet’s image bank.

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photo no.290 : Two Buddhist monks relax on Thousand Step Golden Beach in Putuo Shan sacred island. Zhejiang Province/China/

photo no.505 : An old lady lights a stick of incense in a small temple of the Pearl River Delta. Foshan/Guangdong Province/China/

photo no.334 : Entrance to Vaitepiha Valley, northern part of Tahiti Iti (Taiarapu Peninsula). Tahiti Island/Society Islands/French Polynesia/

photo no.163 : A waka (traditional Maori canoe) crew performs a ritual dance during Waitangi Day annual commemorations on Waitangi Treaty Grounds. Bay of Islands/North Island/New Zealand/

photo no.210 : An islet in Whangaroa Bay. Northland/North Island/New Zealand/

photo no.481 : Portrait of Yoshi Hirata (80 years old) weaving tsumugi fabric in her house of Kume-jima. Kume Island/Okinawa Archipelago/Japan/

photo no.44 : Two workers hang on a bamboo scaffolding over Nathan Road in Kowloon district. Hong Kong/China/

photo no.412 : Painter Hu Hui completes a work achieved with traditional Chinese painting methods in his Tunxi town studio. Anhui Province/China/

photo no.373 : Two men talk under a fountain of hot water in a onsen at Gero thermal village. Honshu Island/Japan/

photo no.420 : On a hill near Jingxian town, a man spreads a mixture of rice straw and lacerated blue sandal bark for a long retting to obtain the fiber necessary for Xuan papermaking. Anhui Province/China/

photo no.518 : A young lady rides her bicycle past the stall of old merchants in an alley of Suzhou. Jiangsu Province/China/

photo no.184 : A Maori wearing a tribe leader tee-shirt during Waitangi Day annual commemorations on Waitangi Treaty Grounds. Bay of Islands/North Island/New Zealand/

photo no.556 : Wooden statue inside Jison-in precinct. Koya-san/Honshu Island/Japan/

photo no.512 : A farmer working with his buffalo on a rice field around Pagudpud. Luzon Island/Philippines/

photo no.62 : Frenetic buns sale at Cheung Chau Island Bun Festival. Hong Kong/China/

photo no.192 : Carved fence surrounding Te Atairangikaahu Maori Queen’s residence (Turangawaewae Marae) in Ngaruawahia. Waikato/North Island/New Zealand/

photo no.119 : Street seen from a footbridge linking up two blocks of buildings in Central district. Hong Kong/China/

photo no.28 : A jade wholesale trader shows stones to a customer in his office in Yau Ma Tei district. Hong Kong/China/

photo no.403 : Huangshan (Yellow Mountains) landscape. Anhui Province/China/

photo no.486 : Elder ladies gather for a chat after their daily gateball party in Kume-jima. Kume Island/Okinawa Archipelago/Japan/

photo no.85 : Crowd on a pedestrian crossing in Causeway Bay district. Hong Kong/China/

photo no.196 : Wood sculpture on a fence in Whakarewarewa Maori village, Rotorua volcanic area. North Island/New Zealand/

photo no.65 : Two entirely veiled Muslim women in 'Dumbo the flying elephant' merry-go-round at Hong Kong Disneyland. Hong Kong/China/

photo no.81 : Containers on the docks in Kwai Chung terminal harbour. Hong Kong/China/

photo no.398 : Small bay on Huahine Island. Huahine Island/Society Islands/French Polynesia/

photo no.473 : Ceremony organised every New Year’s eve in Okinawa Peace Memorial in remembrance of the 230 000 people who died in the Batte of Okinawa. Okinawa Island/Japan/

photo no.499 : Moment of daydream for a Tibetan nomad who came on pilgrimage to Labrang monastry. Xiahe/Gansu Province/China/

photo no.306 : A wing of Puji Temple on Putuo Shan Buddhist island. Zhejiang Province/China/

photo no.179 : Fumaroles inside the crater of White Island volcano. North Island/New Zealand/

photo no.549 : Goma ceremony inside Muryoko-in Temple. Koya-san/Honshu Island/Japan/

photo no.102 : A homeless woman lying on the sidewalk in Queen's Road Central. Hong Kong/China/

photo no.282 : The small temple above Fanyin cave, Putuo Shan Buddhist island. Zhejiang Province/China/

photo no.427 : Calligraphy Professor Wang Jian, director of Guangzhou Fine Arts Academy’s Museum, at a working session. Guangzhou/China/

photo no.112 : Workers in Aberdeen fish market load trucks with goods boxes. Hong Kong/China/

photo no.36 : In Hong Kong subway, two teenagers stand in front of each other but ignore each other. Hong Kong/China/

photo no.279 : Statue of Laughing Buddha in a yard inside Huiji Temple, Putuo Shan Buddhist island. Zhejiang Province/China/

photo no.203 : Portrait of Maori man and girl at the entrance of Tamatea Marae in Motuti. Northland/North Island/New Zealand/

photo no.295 : Group of pilgrim monks preparing to leave Putuo Shan Buddhist island after the celebration of Guanyin’s Nirvana. Zhejiang Province/China/

photo no.460 : 'Bukubukucha' (Okinawa tea ceremony) organised by Mrs Chieko Tanaka. Okinawa Island/Japan/

photo no.424 : Xuan paper roll in a painting and calligraphy shop in Jingxian town. Anhui Province/China/

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